24V Rear View Camera For Truck/Bus/RV/Caravan

Product Model :VS803

The camera is entirely waterproof with IP68 rating, has a resolution of 420 TV lines and encases 2.5mm lens to provide 120 degrees viewing angle,which means excellent video image quality and has no blind spots.The reversing camera features 18 LED lights to provide excellent vision even in the dark night,it also can comes with built-in speaker so that you can hear what is behind your vehicle.

Apart from above features,the camera has following optional functions:

  • More image sensors offered :1/4″ Sony CCD and 1/3″ Sony CCD image sensor available to provide 480 TV lines/560 TV lines/650 TV lines/700 TV lines resolution.
  • Built-in microphone :the camera can has a built-in speaker,which enables you to hear what is behind vehicle.
  • Built-in heater :this camera can feature a built-in heater for snowy or icy weather conditions in winter.
  • Wider viewing angle :the camera can be made with up to 170 degrees in viewing angle.
  • More colors :want more colors for the camera ?yes we can make it in white or grey,but MOQ 50 pieces is required.

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Camera Specification

  • Image Sensor :Sharp CCD
  • Resolution :420TV line
  • TV System :PAL/NTSC
  • Waterproof rating :IP68
  • Lens :2.5mm
  • Min illumination :0Lux (LED ON)
  • IR led :18pcs
  • Viewing angle :120
  • Power voltage :12V/24V
  • Operation Temp. :-20℃~+70℃
  • White Balance :Auto
  • White/Grey color :Optional
  • Speaker :Optional
  • Heater :Optional
  • 1/4inch SONY 420TVL :Optional
  • 1/3inch SONY 420TVL :Optional
  • 1/3inch SONY 480TVL :Optional
  • 1/3inch SONY 560TVL :Optional
  • 1/3inch SONY 650TVL :Optional
  • 1/3inch SONY 700TVL :Optional

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